If you're a high school or college student, you know time management is important.

Unfortunately, though, much of the common advice to improve your time management is vague and time-consuming in and of itself.

This course is designed to be quick and highly actionable, providing you with strategies you can implement immediately.

Go ahead and get started! You'll escape overwhelm sooner than you think!

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Your Gamemaster

6 years ago, Mateo was an ordinary pre-teen. He went to a traditional school, was an A/B student, and spent his free time playing soccer and video games.

Through homeschooling, serving abroad, and attending Early College, his horizons broadened. Immersing himself in self-improvement books, he began cultivating useful skills, including leadership, time management, relationship, and reflection.

Now—as a high school senior—he takes a full college course load, manages this business, presides over several student organizations, and still gets a beautiful 8 hours of sleep a night!

All teens are capable of this and more—they just need a little help developing the right skills. Through coaching and online courses, Mateo provides the catalyst teens need to reach their goals and maximize success.