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Are you a strong time manager?

Do you have a process for continued growth?

Do you know how to network to get what you want?

Do you feel confident standing up and leading a group?

Are you ready for the real-world?

For the price of a trip to Starbucks, you can be.

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Students learn through completing action-steps.

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Your Gamemaster

6 years ago, Mateo was an ordinary pre-teen. He went to a traditional school, was an A/B student, and spent his free time playing soccer and video games.

Through homeschooling, serving abroad, and attending Early College, his horizons broadened. Immersing himself in self-improvement books, he began cultivating useful skills, including leadership, time management, relationship, and reflection.

Now—as a high school senior—he takes a full college course load, manages this business, presides over several student organizations, and still gets a beautiful 8 hours of sleep a night!

All teens are capable of this and more—they just need a little help developing the right skills. Through coaching and online courses, Mateo provides the catalyst teens need to reach their goals and maximize success.