Life is lived in seasons. We go through childhood, young adulthood, parenthood, and beyond.

Within each season, there are phases as well. Childhood can easily be broken up by schooling, from elementary school to middle school and into high school.

Once again, those phases can be narrowed even further. High school is four years, and even within those years, there are varying stages, too.

As you can imagine, time can be broken down endlessly, perpetually narrowing until we’re analyzing microseconds. My goal here isn’t to classify each period of life, but rather to look at the moments between seasons.

I just finished my 7th semester of high school. Now I have a month until school starts again, and even when it does, it will be different than it was before.

Obsessed with time management, it would be easy for me to rush into this break, developing action plans for how I’ll effectively use my time.

But I’m not doing that. Instead, I’ve taken a week to pause. To celebrate my hard work this past semester without stressing about where I’ll go next.

It’s not that I don’t have goals for this time. There are certainly things I want to get done, but I’m celebrating my growth and having fun.

In the U.S., our culture says to rush. To run from one activity to the next, never pausing, never stopping. Surely there’s more to achieve. But racing on without pausing to celebrate—resetting—is dangerous. It’s how we burnout, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t help.

When you finish a strenuous season, pause, reset. I know it feels like you must keep going, but rest. Get some sleep, have some fun. Reset seasons aren’t as glamorous, but I promise, they’re necessary for everyone.