Today we’re just going to jump right in. No story, just a really powerful concept.

I present to you, the Eisenhower Matrix!

Now, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll elaborate just to make sure we’re all on the same page.

As you can see, the Eisenhower Matrix is made up of four quadrants.

Quadrant 1 is Urgent and Important. I call these priorities. They may look like homework, job responsibilities, anything with an urgent deadline and a penalty for failing to complete it.

Quadrant 2 is Important, but not Urgent. These things will change your life. They include building meaningful relationships, learning a new language, launching a business, and much more. Any dream you’ve had—anything you wish you could do—it probably falls into Q2.

Quadrant 3 is Urgent, but not Important. These are distractors. Most of the time, these are notifications, whether a text, email, or social media post. People who interrupt work also fall into this category.

Quadrant 4 is neither Important nor Urgent. Things in this category are for entertainment. As you can imagine, it is made up of activities like playing video games, reading a good book, and watching tv.

Let’s look a little further. How does this apply to your life?

Most people are really good at—and spend a lot of time working on—activities in Q1. They complete each day’s tasks, staying afloat but rarely moving forward.

Even as they work, however, they’re often distracted or interrupted by items in Q3. They spend more time in Q1 and waste a lot of energy on task-switching.

As you can imagine, spending more time and energy results in exhaustion. By the time they finish Q1—and all the accompanying Q3 distractions—they’re wiped out. Naturally enough, they’re ready to relax and destress, so they jump into Q4—entertainment.

Ironically, the category most people never reach is the most important one. Unsuccessful people neglect Q2; successful people prioritize it.

So how do you make more time for Q2?

By removing Q3 activities! Or, at the very least, postponing them to Q4!

Before you close this post, take some immediate action! Turn off all social media notifications on your phone. Do it, right now. Even if you think you’re never distracted by them, just turn the notifications off. If they're not distracting in the first place, turning them off shouldn't be a problem, right?

Finish turning them off?

Fantastic! You’re well on your way to increased productivity! And, if you want to sit down and develop clarity on your Q2 goals, I'd love to chat! Just schedule a free 20-minute coaching call!