One of my friends is an incredible singer. Her voice frequently gives me chills. And apparently, I’m not the only one.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, she decided to provide people with a little encouragement. Set up on her driveway, she sang some praise songs.

It wasn’t long until many people were outside their houses, drawing near, listening.

Her neighbor, enjoying the praise, recorded it and posted it on Facebook.

The video went viral.

In the months since, I’ve been astounded by the maturity with which my friend has responded.

Rather than become engulfed in her sudden popularity, she has focused on the same thing that led her to sing in her neighborhood in the first place: impact.

She continued to sing for her neighborhood, providing the encouragement so many needed. In the few interviews she gave, she shared how seeing the impact her voice was having provided encouragement to keep sharing her God-given gift.

In the time since, the temporary popularity has faded. Rather than become disappointed with the natural ebb and flow of popularity, she has remained focused on pursuing impact. Today she’s taking some incredible songwriting classes as she aspires to become a recording artist.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we all hear her on the radio someday—maybe soon.

May we all learn from her focus on impact—whether in the spotlight or far outside it. Popularity will always be fleeting, but impact truly lasts.

Which are you striving for?

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