Start Smart!

From Ambitious Student to Sensational Leader

Act In 20 Seconds Of Crazy Courage

Considering how much I read, it’s ironic that one of my first insights on leadership came from the 2011 movie, We Bought a Zoo. Throughout the movie, a frequent motif is acting in ‘20 seconds of crazy courage.’ Cliche? Probably. Impactful? Most definitely. In my own life, I recently witnessed...


Get More Done by Learning How to Wake Up Motivated

Alarm ringing, dreams receding. The day has begun. Do you have the motivation to get up? To accomplish the day’s tasks and keep moving forward? I often don’t. More often than I like to admit, honestly. Now, I can hear you: “Mateo, you run a business at 17! Don’t complain about lacking...


Self-Teaching? Use Journaling!

“I’m a writer!” Those were the words that chorused out of our classroom on my first day of English 370. Our professor, Dr. Richard Louth, gave us more than this new mantra. On that first day, he also gave us Dr. Kim Stafford’s little book, Meditations and Poems for Writers. This little...


Impact > Popularity

One of my friends is an incredible singer. Her voice frequently gives me chills. And apparently, I’m not the only one. During the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, she decided to provide people with a little encouragement. Set up on her driveway, she sang some praise songs. It wasn’t long...


Want People to Listen to You? Remove Filler Words!

Have you ever been in conversation with someone, but instead of paying attention, found yourself counting the amount of times they said ‘like’? I know I have. Especially amongst teenagers, the use of filler words is almost absurd. We seemingly say ‘like,’ ‘um,’ and ‘uh’ every 3 seconds! Don’t...


Using Vision to Overcome Obstacles as a Teen

We’ve all been there. You’re moving along successfully, and then, suddenly, completely stuck! A roadblock has emerged and you have no idea how to get around it. This pattern occurs everywhere, in every field, area of study, career, or personal pursuit. Roadblocks are a natural part of life....